Free Resource: A Guide to Using Design to Worship Jesus and Serve the Church

Here are three free resources I created for pastors, churches, and ministries to help them better use media, communication, and design without spending a fortune or sinking hours of time into it.

The questions we answer are: Is design useful for churches and ministries? Or is it simply a nice-to-have luxury mega churches care about?

Having worked on both sides of the pulpit, on both church staffs and as a professional graphic designer, I think it’s an effective way to worship Jesus and serve people for organizations of every size.

The original presentation and consulting was for Open Bible Christian Center—a fantastic church in Rapid City, SD led by senior pastor Chuck Loftis (my Dad!).

Here are the main takeaways from this presentation and guide:

  • Design should first be worship of Jesus and service to your people.
    We see this modeled through Bezalel and Oholiab in Exodus 35. God filled these men with: His Spirit, skill, intelligence, knowledge, craftsmanship, and the ability to teach—all to carry out his purposes.
  • Good design is much easier to accomplish when you know the basic principles.
    Colors should be picked as palettes and decided on beforehand using a trained eye, or the free resources I share. A simple lowered-opacity overlay greatly increases legibility of text over images. And keep your font choices consistent—and to a minimum—by following my guides.

  • There are incredible design resources available online today—and many for free.
    Use the additional example resources and style guide document I created for where to go and what tools to use.

  • Churches are surprisingly complex organizations with lots of things to communicate, and lots of people who need to receive that communication.
    I created a simple, seven-step communication template for churches or ministries to use.
  • Bonus: ChurchSpring, created by my good friend Rohn Gibson, is a brilliant tool for frustration-free church websites.
    No one likes sinking time into websites only to get a sub-par result—ChurchSpring fixes that.
  1. Download the presentation and guide free, here.
  2. Download the additional resources and style guide free, here.
  3. Download the seven-step communication plan free, here.
  4. Bonus: ChurchSpring is the best church website platform I’ve ever seen; check ’em out.

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