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How deeply can we know God?

The Men With Bare Feet: Discovering Intimacy With God Through Moses, Joshua, and Jesus

The Men With Bare Feet

Awhile ago, I realized something.

The entire point of life is knowing God and making him known. There is simply nothing more important than that.

So, I asked a pretty big question—a question I hope you’ll ask yourself right now, too. I asked myself, “Do I really know God?” Do I know what he’s like? What he cares about? What his voice sounds like? What he’s passionate about doing in the world?

And I don’t mean whether or not I know the Sunday-school answers. I mean real, honest-to-goodness relationship with God. Do I know him like I know my wife… my family… my best friend… even myself…?

After all, if the Holy Spirit lives in me I must have continual, intimate, and real access to him, right?

Yes! And so do you.

So, I set out to get to know God better. And as it turns out, there are three men whose lives I found critical in walking this path.

  1. Moses: who talked to God like a friend.
  2. Joshua: who laid his entire life on the line in obedience to God again and again.
  3. Jesus: who is both God himself, yet a lived on earth as man who had to foster a continual relationship with the Father.

And that’s where this book came from.

I found something incredible—and compelling—about these men’s lives and stories recounted in the Bible. I’d like to share them with you, because they’ve had a huge impact on the way I do and see everything in my life.

From being a Dad, to a husband, to a man, to a disciple, to a writer, and everything in between.

Here’s the gist of what you’ll find in this book:

A mountain wreathed in smoke. A river cascading into the sky. And God kneeling down to wash dirty feet.

These are just some of the sights you’ll find in “The Men With Bare Feet.” Through the stories of Moses, Joshua, and Jesus, you will discover a life of intimacy with God not just for the heroes of history, but for you as well.

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